Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cameron Diaz Breast Surgery?

Some time ago the actress Cameron Diaz looks relax enjoying his vacation in Hawaii beach with bikini wearing gray. What is interesting is the breast looks different than usual. Breasts of the 39-year-old actress looked more 'contained' than ever before. The scene eventually led to the rumor that Charlie's Angel star that may have to do surgery on her breasts.
A plastic surgeon named Dr.Anthony Youn also issued the same opinion about the breast Cameron Diaz. He said that most likely the blond actress has been enlarging breasts.

"I'm sure he enlarge breasts by using silicone implants are relatively small," said Dr.Youn. "Due to the swelling after surgery takes several weeks to recover, I suspect that he did surgery at least two to three weeks ago."
Cameron Diaz plastic surgery himself never revealed to the public in 2010 that at that time he did not intend to undergo any operation on the body, but did not rule out the possibility that he will do so in the future.

"I did not do anything now," Cameron said at the time. "But we'll see. So far it is still fine. But I would never say 'will not be' on something. "

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