Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cameron Diaz Breast Surgery?

Some time ago the actress Cameron Diaz looks relax enjoying his vacation in Hawaii beach with bikini wearing gray. What is interesting is the breast looks different than usual. Breasts of the 39-year-old actress looked more 'contained' than ever before. The scene eventually led to the rumor that Charlie's Angel star that may have to do surgery on her breasts.
A plastic surgeon named Dr.Anthony Youn also issued the same opinion about the breast Cameron Diaz. He said that most likely the blond actress has been enlarging breasts.

"I'm sure he enlarge breasts by using silicone implants are relatively small," said Dr.Youn. "Due to the swelling after surgery takes several weeks to recover, I suspect that he did surgery at least two to three weeks ago."
Cameron Diaz plastic surgery himself never revealed to the public in 2010 that at that time he did not intend to undergo any operation on the body, but did not rule out the possibility that he will do so in the future.

"I did not do anything now," Cameron said at the time. "But we'll see. So far it is still fine. But I would never say 'will not be' on something. "

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fans Ask Kim Kardashian Stop Plastic Surgery

Apparently not all the fans of Kim Kardashian likes to alter habits conducted face idol. Even some fans began voicing those concerns through social media.
I was so upset, the fans even posted 6 photos Kim's face changes when appearing on a talk show that is taken in a different time.
Photos are posted to the account of Kim on Friday last week, clearly wants to remind the star of reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" Kim Kardashian plastic surgery can not always make people so love.
All photos taken during a guest star Kim Jay Leno talk show, since he first performed a guest star, basketball player Kris Humpries divorced until after childbirth.
"Your face (Kim) a lot of change," wrote the account ownersarapdiamond. "Your face is getting worse, but used to be very beautiful," quippedabeeralmarkzouki. "What happened with Kim's face! He used beautiful," wrote @ nyc_rose24.
There is also an outspoken memita Kim cessation of plastic surgery. "It stopped operating habits of your face. You no longer need it," denouncesjulianneware.
Kim has not replied to the insults teasing tone. What is certain, though the evidence is strong, a woman 33 years has always denied plastic surgery. Kim just wanted to admit she had ever undergone botox, but never plastic surgery.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lee Min Ho, Between Plastic Surgery, Love and Artists Most Expensive

After starred in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho's name immediately soared like a meteor. His role as Gu Jun Pyo really amaze audiences Korean drama which skyrocketed and had reached this highest rating. Along with the big names of various rumors were immediately hit. Including the plastic surgery since busy talking.
While the 24-year old bachelor insists consistently denied that he had never had
Lee Min Ho plastic surgery. In fact, he also claimed to have been the least of his face scratched scalpel.
Endeavor plastic surgery actor circulation top spot today, it begins with the release of photos of Lee Min Ho along with several doctors at the hospital. Yet when it was just a picture together for happy fans. Similarly, as revealed Koreanews.Min Ho who recently completed drama City Hunter's name is increasingly soared, especially with the very macho role in the drama. And, it's also drama that eventually make Lee Min Ho is close to co-star Park Min Young. this connection, they are denied the agency. Min Ho's agency Star Haus Entertainment admit that they are quite close but no courtship, as well as with King Kong Entertainment, Park Min Young's agency.
Meanwhile, mid-August Min Ho and Park Min Young was caught on a date in a bookshop (outlet) in Kangnam. The report said that they had been dating about a month until now.
Lee Min Ho, who was born in Seoul, South Korea, June 22, 1987 the first time his career by playing in Our English Teacher (2008), Public Enemy Returns (2008), then played in Boys Over Flowers / Boys Over Flowers (KBS2 / 2009) as Gu Jun Pyo, But I Do not Know Too (MBC, 2008) as Min Wook Gi, I am Sam (KBS2 / 2007) as Mo Heo Se, Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) as Cha Gong Chan, Secret Campus (EBS , 2006) as Park Doo Hyun, Recipe of Love (MBC, 2005), and Sharp 1 (KBS2 / 2003).
Success in BBF did not make a big head, instead he felt that acting in the play is still less because it is filming chase running, which makes it less able to explore the character with the maximum. Photo: IstimewaFoto: IstimewaSebenarnya, while casting, Lee Min Ho is not the first person chosen to portray the role of Gu Jun Pyo, but after looking at her hair in curls, producers feel more worthy of Lee Min Ho plays Gu Jun Pyo. Lee Min Ho is the most expensive artist in South Korea, after he began filming Boys Before Flowers.
In 2006, Lee Min Ho had experienced a car accident, which made a passable serious leg injury. His right leg had to put plates to support his body. But in June of 2009, the iron plate had been removed from his body. Now Lee Min Ho can be said to have fully recovered.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paul McCartney House Sold USD 249 Thousand

After the childhood home of John Lennon sold in 2013, and the house where George Harrison grew up was purchased in 2014 for USD 249 thousand, now turn belongs to Paul McCartney was paid for the mysterious buyer.

The house where the legend (Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery) and his parents together for many years in the area of ​​Liverpool, England, on Thursday (26/02/2015) sold in an auction. The building consists of a terrace, and three bedrooms.
Reported Contactmusic, Friday (02/27/2015), bidding starting with an opening price of $ 160 thousand. Auction at Countrywide estate agents handling the sale said that there are a number of interested parties from all over the world.
However, the house finally sold to a man from the UK. And the winners are paying the hefty amount it chose not to elaborate further about his identity.
Earlier, another house belonging to Paul McCartney at 20 Forthlin Road is now owned by the National Trust UK for the museum so that it can be preserved for future generations.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Behind The Sceen Gangnam

Behind the thrill of the story Gangnam 1970, there are many funny incident that happened. One is the issue of Lee Min Ho's face to make the filming was delayed. Lee Min Hoo Plastic Surgery. Reported DramaFever Corp., quite often the filming had to be stopped because of Lee Min Ho's face looks bruised. The problem does not for fighting or lack of sleep, but because the actor eat ramen on the previous evening.
To reduce the swelling in his face that Lee Min Ho usually would play badminton in the morning. In fact, the director joked if he often told this Dae Jong cast to play badminton so that his face could be seen good looking.
Lee Min Ho's face problems not only because of ramen ya. Because plays a macho guy, he did not care for her until willingly during filming which took six months. Because of this, many friends of the actor who teased aging rapidly. Well, how come up like that anyway?
"When filming Gangnam 1970, I met my friend after six months, and they all said I was rapidly aging," the story of the main star of The Heirs of this.
On the other hand, Lee Min Ho also admitted if it is in a period of treatment. Yep, the actor tried to restore his face flower boy.
"Right now I'm in a period of recovery. I'm working hard to get young face again," said the actor idol of Asian women.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Breast reduction surgery is not odd thing

kate upton breast implants is not odd thing for entertainment world. This surgery can only be rumors, but it can be fact for the actress. This surgery is ever stated being done by Scarlett Johansson. She had her breast implants removed to decrease back pain and discomfort. In a media is mentioned that Scarlett’s breast size was 34DD before, but it's now closer to a small C cup. In the photos, it can be observed clearly.
Indeed, from her recent pictures there is not much evidence which can totally show that the actress has removed her implantsor at least reduced her bra size. Difference size showes that there is a change of her boobs. It also appears very clear, because there some photos which show it. She often display her performance which accentuate her boobs.  Nevertheless, Scarlett still looks pretty busty but there are a number of recent pictures where she is not showing off her breasts.

Plastic surgery is not odd thing now

Plastic surgery is not odd thing, now. It also become rumor for Kyra Sedgwick, that she has plastic surgery. Her smile lines around her eyes. Kyra’s forehead remains perfectly smooth, likely having Botox. If she wanted to look even better, a little Botox in her crow’s feet could make her look even more youthful. In fact, she indeed seems great.
            In her 46 years, she has enhanced her body over the ears with cosmetic plastic surgery. It makes her body better. Actually, she had breast implants and k michelle butt implants for the first to change her performance. She also hadfacelift and botox on her forehead. Botox or similar procedures are not supposed to leave the forehead in such a frozen state. Such a reaction would be a sure sign that the plastic surgeon used way too much of the Botox-like compound, it also could point to an unskilled doctor performing the procedure.
For the American actress like her who was born on August, 1965, perfect performance has to be done. From some photos, she looks using minor facelift which is combained with unspecified treatment by using Botox like injection.
            There are some photos which show k michelle before after she had plastic surgery. about Kyra’s rumor, she has said to psicalifornia, “There’s always been this myth that in hollywood omen can’t make it after a certain age and it’s just not true anymore. This becomes her reaction that she had with the face lift mentioned above.If Kyra has not exaggerated the true story, then a couple possibilities are clear. Those become majority of press rumors are either false or stem from the original incident that Kyra has been public about.This is as likely to be true as it is untrue.